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“You're About To Discover Secrets That Most People (including most NLP Practitioners) Don't Know About NLP..."

Dear Friend,

Hi, You know, during my journey of learning NLP & hypnosis, I’ve faced a number of challenges (These may not be relevant to you, but I’m wondering how many of them you can identify with!) I wanted to…

  • Learn to use NLP automatically every day, getting the kind of results most people only dream of. I loved reading about the amazing things you can do with NLP, but without the right help, it can be tough to translate what you read into something you can actually do.

  • Become an effective, charismatic communicator. Sometimes when I tried out language patterns & other techniques, they sounded weird & didn’t feel natural. I wanted to become fluent with hypnotic language & metaphor, able to captivate & delight people with enthralling stories & fascinating explanations.

  • Achieve real freedom from limiting patterns, problems & behaviours. I was convinced that NLP held the keys to personal mastery, but sometimes you need to discover an essential piece before it really works for you.

  • Feel real confidence in applying all the NLP techniques effectively. I’d learned lots of the “parts” of NLP, but you really need to bring it all together if you’re going to develop a really impressive level of skill.

  • Experience a high level of success, fulfilment & joy of living. Specifically, I wanted to be able to do great one-to-one change-work, close deals, increase health & wealth, work with groups, build brilliant relationships, & have the kind of impact on other people that help you build a reputation for results.

I was always on the lookout for anything which could help me to improve dramatically. So what did I do? I spent tens of thousands of pounds on training courses, one-to-one coaching, books, videos & audio programmes. I did whatever it took to get access to the finest NLP trainers & information in the world.

And now I’m going to make it all available to you. How?

We’ve spent the past year putting together the world’s biggest, most comprehensive collection of NLP videos, audios & articles, together with a fast-growing community of people who are passionate about NLP. Imagine a multi-media "NLP Encyclopaedia", where you don't just read about NLP - you can actually see videos of NLP techniques being demonstrated by your favourite NLP trainers, or hear them explained as part of entertaining audios.

Our goal is to create & evolve the world’s most useful, cool, vibrant NLP-oriented website anyone has ever seen, with a “non-denominational” community of NLP trainers, practitioners & other learners. And today it’s your chance to become part of this community.

I know that you’re going to be genuinely amazed by the wealth of instantly useful material you’re going to see and hear as you explore this powerful new resource. In fact, the lion’s share of audios & videos on this site are not available anywhere else, at any price!

"As someone who has been involved in NLP since the 1990s and who runs NLP trainings I am really pleased that finally somebody has created an intelligent NLP online resource that makes a genuine connection with those interested in this field.

Nick Kemp, NLP Trainer & Creator of Provocative Changeworks


"It is a delight to see the quality, professionalism, and richness of the NLP Website that Salad has launched a website that truly demonstrates the NLP premise of abundance. NLP needs a whole generation of leaders like Salad who catches a vision and then makes it happen. It is a shame that most of the world doesn't know about some of the powerful processes for health, well-being, excellence, and vitality that we have in NLP. So its a delight to be a part of this website on NLP resources!"

Dr. L. Michael Hall, NLP Trainer, Author & creator of the Meta-states model.


"I have always found your weekly tips invaluable and now to have all this information at my fingertips all through one website is incredible and I am feeling like a kid in a sweetshop and am enjoying tasting all the delights on offer!!"

Delyth Owens, Projects Manager


"Magic! This site is a fantastic resource. It's even more exciting than the day I first discovered Salad's NLP Tips archive, which itself was pretty amazing. Back then, as a beginner NLP-er, I'd spend many happy hours reading, thinking about, and then experimenting with these intriguing ideas. On this new facility, you get all that fascinating written material and more, plus audio and video, and a ready-made community to discuss it all with."
Judy Rees - Author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors & Opening Minds

Here are some of the things you’re going to discover in the video collection: 

  • Previously unseen video footage of the famous “fast-phobia cure” being demonstrated & used in ways you’ve never seen before, to get incredible results.
  • You’ll see a powerful timeline demonstration being used to help a woman change a stuck situation into one where she feels light, strong & confident (you’ll also hear lots of high-grade hypnotic language & learn a vital but virtually unknown secret of effective anchoring).
  • A video of one of the unsung heroes of NLP, revealing the secrets of how he gets such incredible results with clients by using “off-the-wall” approaches (this person has been described by NLP co-developer Richard Bandler as “the wildest clinician I have ever seen.")
  • An extraordinary example of reframing (with this deceptively simple example, you may just find yourself reframing all your limiting beliefs at a single blow!)
  • Video demonstrations of hypnotic metaphor, hypnotic language & embedded commands. Once you’ve started to watch & listen to this stuff in action, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll find yourself using it in everyday life. 

And that’s just FIVE examples of the videos you’re getting access to. We’ve already loaded over a hundred videos to the site, and you’ll be able to see more every single week! 

Here's the lowdown...

When you become a member today, you’re going to get full access to…

  • The NLP Video Library, with over 300 Online NLP videos - you'll see & hear NLP tools & techniques demonstrated so you can feel confident about applying them in your life - with new videos added every week!

  • Over 300 audios from some of the world's finest NLP Trainers giving you the inside track on NLP and how to get results quickly & easily - with new audios added every week!

  • The searchable NLP article base, with over 1000 Articles, ranging from quick tips & instant applications to in-depth explorations & concepts - new articles added every week!

  • The all new NLP Community Forum & Social Networking Area where you can share ideas with like-minded people, get advice from top NLP trainers (or just enjoy exploring other people's ideas and useful suggestions).

  • The NLP Techniques Library, including video demos of 'classic' NLP techniques (plus lots of new ones!) From fast phobia cures to confidence boosters, you'll find them here.

  • Explanations & examples of over 150 NLP & hypnotic language patterns to help you learn hypnotic language fast.

  • Contributions from some of the biggest names in contemporary NLP Eg. Nick Kemp, Michael Hall, Christina Hall & Jonathan Altfeld. You’ll even see videos of the creator of Provocative Therapy, Frank Farrelly (Frank was modelled extensively by Bandler & Grinder, & is a huge influence on the field of NLP). We've got some amazing people on the site, & we've got more signing up every month. If there are questions you've always wanted to ask an NLP trainer, this is your chance!

  • Top 8 videos each month available for download - IPod ready

  • Specific Learning plans taylored for different levels of your NLP Learning Path. Learn NLP fast with video-learning processes to keep you on-track on a daily basis. Choose the process for your level, then have fun developing a daily learning-habit you enjoy!

  • Get access to area-specific NLP approaches, ranging from coaching to sales, from NLP at work to personal development. Choose your application area & get started

  • A dedicated area for earning money with NLP - Do you want to earn money with your NLP skills? We've got the best in the business to show you how.

  • 20% Off All Salad Products for myNLPresources Members - Because you're a member of myNLPresources you're entitled to a 20% discount on all Salad products purchased in the Salad Online Shop from 28th July, 2009.
  • We'll also be offering special pricing for myNLPresources members on selected training courses & events in the future.
  • And much more (among other things, new videos, audios & articles are added every week, so you can feel confident that you're getting access to the latest developments in the field)!

So here's the thing: I want you to be able to experience this amazing resource now, so our web-developers have sorted out something new. There are 2 special arrangements available to you:

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But when you subscribe now, we’ll give you a year’s subscription for just £14.99 per month, less than the price of an NLP paperback! Your total payment for a year’s subscription is billed in one easy payment of just £179.97, saving you over £120. That’s almost a 60% discount! 







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